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OS X El Capitan WiFi not working consitently

You have a good functioning WiFi network at home, all devices are working correctly, but your MacOS laptop has a continuously flaky network connection. What to do …

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Ansible inventory generated from Terraform.

When creating an infrastructure with Terraform, it is nice to have Terraform create the Ansible inventory file for us. To achive this it is possible to utilize the Terraform templates for generation of hostnames and the actual inventory file. All code can be found here

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Outlook on Mac does not open.

So .. your outlook won’t start, what to do? Most likely it’s database is corrupted. to fix:
  1. Start outlook while holding down the option (alt) key. This brings up the ‘Microsoft Database Utility’.
  2. Select the correct identity (probably Main Identity).
  3. Now press the Rebuild button.
  4. Wait until completed, and start Outlook normally.
The Microsoft Database Utility